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Personal Airbrush Tans
How does it work?

Airbrushing goes on to the outer layer of skin. the active ingredient DHA (dihidroxyacetone), a natural derivative of cane sugar, causes a chemical reaction with the amino acids in the surface cells of the skin, therefore producing a bronzed effect. It is like when you take a bite from an apple and let it set out; the fruit exposed to the air will turn brown. Contains all natural ingredients and is safe for pregnant women.

How long does it take?

About 30 minutes, start to finish.

What do I wear?

You may tan in as much or as little clothing as you feel comfortable in. Wear a bra and underwear, swimsuit, tank top or shorts, depending on your tan line preference.

How long will my tan last?

Results are immediate. The tan will last 6-9 days depending on your skin type. The more moisture in the skin the longer the color will hold. After tan extending moisturizers are recommended to lengthen the life of your tan.

Does the solution contain sunscreen?

No. You may still need to apply sunscreen for UVA and UVB protection.

What should I do before?

Shower and shave if necessary and exfoliate all the areas for tanning. Add NO MOISTURIZER to your skin at this point. Do not wear deodorant. Wear loose dark clothing; the airbrush solution will wash out of any clothing.

What should I do after?

Wear loose clothing. Don't shower for 8 hours, this allows enough time for the reaction to take place on your skin. Waiting until the next day is preferred. Avoid exercise the day of the tan. Do not take lengthly baths; soaking in the pool and sauna use will accelerate the exfoliation process causing your tan to fade faster. Always using a tan extending moisturizer.


Full Body $40
Upper Body $25
Lower Body $25
A hairdresser for 30+ years, Dianne added airbrush tanning to her list of services 10 years ago. Dianne personally applies the airbrush tan in a private and comfortable setting on her home salon.

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